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Alert severity

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Updated: June 16, 2017

Alert Severity


  • collection status
    • Manual data collection for <x> started
    • Manual data collection for <x> stopped
    • Scheduled data collection for <x> started
    • Scheduled data collection for <x> stopped

rules – asset change rule(default or user defined)


  • UnsupportedFirmwareException - (LSI drive perf via API for older firmware)
  • Secure WBEMClient connection failed
  • Unsecure WBEMClient connection failed
  • Operational status set offline
  • Data collection frequency is turned off for asset/storage/perf


Invalid Identifier: (can connect to the provider, but identifier not found)


  • Provider down/ SMI-S module going offline
  • Rules – threshold rules(default or user defined)
  • Both secure/unsecure WBEMClient connection failed
  • Unable to create SYMbolclient - LSI drive perf via API for older firmware
  • Null raw aggregated data
  • Monthly data is null
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