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Other SMI-S provider tools

Updated: June 16, 2017

The following tools can be used to log into a Provider to view information regarding the arrays. This section covers how to test a provider.

  • CIMWorkshop
  • EMC TestSMI provider


Download from


  1. Unzip the
  2. Open the wbemservices-1.0.2.bin directory.
  3. Edit cimworkshop.bat located in the bin directory.
    1. Un-REM line 36, and change the path to the directory where the java jre is installed, if JAVA_HOME is not set as a global environment variable
      Example: set JAVA_HOME=C:\Progra~1\Java\jre1.6.0

Obtaining Array Identifier:

  1. Run the cimworkshop.bat.


  2. Enter the Host URL, User Name, and Password for the Array.

    Host URL Example: If you want to connect to the namespace root/cimv2 on the host named crawfish using http on port 5988, you would specify the host as: http://crawfish:5988/root/cimv2


  3. Click OK. The following screen is displayed:


  4. Click the Magnifying Glass icon or Action > Find Class, and then search for cim_computersystem.


  5. Click OK.
  6. Right-click cim_computersystem in the "class schema" tree menu.


  7. Click Show Instances. You will find the Array Identifier / WWN under the "Name" field for the instance containing "_StorageSystem" like below.


EMC TestSMI provider

Follow the instructions in the EMC Provider > Installation section on where to download and how to install this utility.

Obtaining Array Identifier

  1. Log into the remote Array using the Host, Connection Type, Port, Username and Password.


  1. Type "ens" to display a list of namespaces.
  2. Type "ns" to change namespaces.
    Note: the default namespace for this utility is root/emc. If working with non-EMC arrays, use the default namespace for that array.


  1. Type "ein" to enumerate instance names.
    Note: This action provides a list of all of the instances for a particular class.
  2. Type "cim_computersystem" for the list of Arrays the Provider is monitoring.


In this example, there is only one instance, so it is easy to determine the correct identifier for the Array. For the instance containing "_StorageSystem", the string after the word "Name" contains the Array Identifier / WWN. In this case the Array Identifier is 50001FE15000A7E0.

Steps to reset the EMC Provider password for v4.1.x:

  1. Shutdown ECOM.
  2. Go to <ECOM Install directory>/conf/cst/.
  3. Remove RoleData.xml, LocalDirectoryData.xml, csp.clb*.
  4. Restart ECOM.
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