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IBM XIV provider

Updated: June 16, 2017

This information is provided 'as-is' as a reference for our customers. SolarWinds provides no guarantees as to the accuracy of this information as the software is built and distributed by 3rd party vendors who may make changes at any time. SolarWinds does not provide official support for problems related to vendor's SMI-S Providers, but customers can seek support via Thwack. Our product team and other knowledgeable customers regularly use these forums and may be able to assist you.


The namespace used by the XIV provider is /root/ibm.

Configure XIV

CIM Agent is enabled by default. There is no option to start or stop it.

Port: XIV uses Secure port 5989 by default.

Provider IP: IP address of the administrative module. You can use any administrative module if more than management nodes exist.


  • Version 10.2.0 and above – use the XIV system user name and password. Users created in technicians group may not have sufficient privileges to get all data.
  • Version 10.1.0 requires a SMI-S agent user to be created. This can be done from XIV CLI interface.
  • Command: smis_add_user user=<username> password=<password> password_verify=<password>
  • Version 11.0 and above does not use the smis_add_user command. There is no separate SMIS access control. Any read-only user can access the SMI_S provider.

Troubleshoot IBM XIV

Q: Is there a way to manually start/stop the provider?

A: There are no options to start or stop the provider process through the XCLI or IBM XIV Storage System GUI. The Provider is running by default and monitored by a watchdog process.

Q. What is the minimum supported version?

A. IBM XIV has two versions of hardware active in the field, Gen2 and Gen3. They both have minimum required versions to work with SRM Profiler because of memory leaks on the CIM server side (IBM-side) that have been fixed.

For Gen 2, firmware version 10.2.4e-5 is recommended. 10.2.4f is also applicable, but will not be placed in general availability at any point so the "e" version is a better recommendation.

For Gen3, firmware version 11.1.1 or higher is recommended.

SRM Profiler version 5.7 will enable performance collection by default for all XIV arrays regardless of firmware version.

Q: What is the default port used by the CIM agent?

A: By default the CIM agent uses HTTPS on port 5989. Q: What is the user name/password for the XIV provider?

A: XIV system user name and password. Minimum privilege required is 'ReadOnly'( category = 'readonly').

Q: How do I collect diagnostic files from XIV?

A: CIM Agent log files are located in /local/cim/log folder. You can manually log-on to xiv to collect them. They can also collected by running XCLI command 'system_logs_collect'

Users that are created in the 'technicians' user group' may not have sufficient privileges to get the data.


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