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3PAR Provider

Updated: June 16, 2017

This information is provided 'as-is' as a reference for our customers. SolarWinds provides no guarantees as to the accuracy of this information as the software is built and distributed by 3rd party vendors who may make changes at any time. SolarWinds does not provide official support for problems related to vendor's SMI-S Providers, but customers can seek support via Thwack. Our product team and other knowledgeable customers regularly use these forums and may be able to assist you.

The 3PAR provider must be enabled before it can be monitored. The following example uses PuTTY to access and configure a 3PAR SMI-S provider.

Enable the 3PAR SMI-S provider

  1. Log into the 3PAR Command Line Interface (CLI).
  2. Using SSH, enter the IP address of the 3PAR array.


  3. Login using the username and password setup on the array.


    You should see the following after successfully logging in.


Troubleshoot the 3PAR Provider

The following section list frequently asked questions for the provider.

Q: What is the default username and password?

A: 3paradm / 3pardata

Q: How do I enable the Provider?

A: Logon to provider as described above and call "setcim" command. This command can be used to enable or disable certain services on the Provider.

Q: How do I know if the Provider is running?

A: InForm OS version 2.2.3, logon to provider as described above and call type "showcim"

In previous versions, from a remote machine, telnet to the Array on port 5988. Example: telnet 5988.

Q: How do I get the version of InForm OS?

A: Logon to provider as described above and call "show version".

Q: How do I get an explanation on the commands I am running?

A: Logon to provider as described above and call "help". For help on a particular command, type "help <command>" where <command> is the command for help needed. Example: "help show".

Q: How do I start the Provider?

A: Logon to provider as described above and call "startcim.".

Q: How do I stop the Provider?

A: Logon to provider as described above and call "stopcim."

Q: How do I restart the Provider?

A: Log onto the provider as described above.

  1. Call cim stopcim –f –x
  2. Call startcim

Q: How do I exit the CLI?

A: Logon to provider as described above and call "quit".

Q: What is the minimum InformOS firmware supported version for the 3PAR array?

A: 2.3.1.

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