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What is a SMI-S provider?

Updated: June 16, 2017

The Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S) is an interface standard enabling interoperability between storage hardware and software products. SMI-S Provider deployment is determined by the vendor. The three main deployment types are listed and illustrated below.

  • Type 1: SMI-S Provider is installed as a component in the vendor-specific storage management software.
  • Type 2: SMI-S Provider is a separate piece of software downloaded from the vendor's website.
  • Type 3: SMI-S Provider is built into the storage array.

SMI-S Provider deployment types


  • The default ports for the Provider are 5988 for HTTP traffic and 5989 for HTTPS traffic.
  • Before installing the Provider, run netstat to make sure the default ports are not being used. If another Cimom (ex: Solaris) or application (ex: IBM Director ) is using that port, you must change the port the Provider uses. For information on changing the port, see the vendor documentation.
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