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Updated: June 16, 2017

Find details about adding an ONStor array to SRM Profiler. This section includes what you need before you begin, details about adding your array, and guidance for configuring your array.

Before you begin

  • Your array must be installed and running before it can be added to SRM Profiler. Contact your array vendor for additional support on installing and troubleshooting your array.
  • You will need the IP address of the array you want to monitor. Contact your array administrator or refer to your array documentation for assistance obtaining this IP address.

Adding the array

When adding a device, choose ONStor from the Choose your Array Type menu. Click OK.

Complete the fields in the Create New Device for Agent: ONStor window.

  • Select Agent: Select the SRM Profiler proxy agent for this device.
  • Windows Device List: Select a Windows server to retrieve the CIFS shares exposed by the NAS device.
  • Unix Device List: Select a Unix or Linux server to retrieve the NFS shares exposed by the NAS device.
  • IP Address: Enter the IP address of the device to be monitored.
  • Device Display Name: Enter the display name for this resource.
  • Active: Keep this box checked box. Clearing this check box stops data collection for your array

Configuring the array

You must select a SRM Profiler proxy agent, enter an SNMP community string, and enter a device IP address before you click Test.

  • Status: Select On.
  • SNMP Community String: Enter the community string of the Array (default is public).
  • In the Configure Device window, click Test to confirm the default values are working.
  • Click the Show Advanced Fields to customize your array configuration. Click Test to test SNMP communication between the SRM Profiler proxy agent and the ONStor device.
  • When the Test Results show Successfully connected, save your configuration.
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