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IBM N-Series

Updated: June 16, 2017

Find details about adding an IBM N-Series array to SRM Profiler. This section includes what you need to know before beginning.

Before you begin

  • Your array must be installed and running before it can be added to SRM Profiler. Contact your array vendor for additional support on installing and troubleshooting your array.
  • IP address of the IBM N-Series to be monitored.
  • IBM N-Series login credentials, typically root or equivalent.
  • The selected SRM Profiler proxy agent is in the list of IBM N-Series trusted hosts.
  • Windows Security Context: Please ensure that the SRM Profiler proxy agent service is running with the "Log On" rights of a Domain Account that has read access on the shares assigned to it via the 'Assign Shares' page

If the IBM N-Series is not accessible directly from any of the SRM Profiler proxy agents, then the following items are required to collect data via a DFM Server:

  • Ensure that a SRM Profiler proxy agent is running on the server to be used to monitor this IBM N-Series
  • DFM Server IP address
  • IBM N-Series IP address used by DFM Server Ensure that the IBM N-Series IP address is accessible to DFM Server via http/https
  • DFM Server login with GlobalFullControl privileges

One or more SRM Profiler proxy agents for Windows/Unix/Linux must be used to perform File Analysis on an IBM N-Series. Use Windows Proxy Agents to perform analysis on CIFS shares, and Unix/Linux Proxy Agents to perform analysis on NFS mounts.

Add the array

  1. When add a device, select IBM N-Series from the Choose your Array Type menu, and then Click OK.
  2. Complete the fields in the Create New device for Agent: IBM N Series window.
    • Select Agent: Select the SRM Profiler proxy agent you want to monitor the IBM N-Series.
    • IBM N Series IP Address: enter the IP Address of the IBM N-Series / IBM N-Series's head.
    • Device Display Name: Enter a descriptive name for the IBM N-Series device (ex:IBMN NY).
    • Active: Keep this box checked. Clearing this check box stops data collection for your array.
    • Cost Per GB: Optional - the cost per GB of storage on this IBM N-Series to be used for chargeback purposes.

Configure the array

  • Status : Select On
  • Username: Enter the username used to access the IBM N-Series
  • Password: Enter the password used to access the IBM N-Series
  • DFM Server IP Address: Enter the IP address of the DFM server if the IBM N-Series is to be monitored via a DFM Server. Leave as blank otherwise.

Additional Information







Requires SRM Profiler agent?



  • IP Address of NetApp head/cluster node
  • Define user account on NetApp. Minimum access - a role with access to execute specific API calls. List available upon request. Usually provided just the root login
  • Add the SRM Profiler proxy agent to list of trusted hosts on the NetApp storage system
  • ONTAP 7.3.x: Turn off API XML validation on each filer (FAQ-132)


Account and password are stored in SRM Profiler database and configuration files on SRM Profiler proxy agent using custom encryption

Read/Write Actions

Read Only

Ports Used

  • 80 (HTTP)/443 (HTTPS) on NetApp head/cluster node
  • Any available for CIFS/NFS


  • See the SRM Profiler Ports section below.
  • Can be HTTP/HTTPS between SRM Profiler proxy agent and the NetApp head/cluster node

Data Classification

  • Occurs via SRM Profiler proxy agent.
  • CIFS Shares require a SRM Profiler Windows Agent and domain account to access the shares being analyzed
  • NFS Shares require a SRM Profiler UNIX Agent and root access to shares being analyzed.

Requires SRM Profiler proxy agent?

  • Yes
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