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Hitachi Data Systems (HDS)

Updated: June 16, 2017

Find the information you need to add your Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) array to SRM Profiler. This section provides details about what you need before you begin, instructions on using the Add a Device Wizard, and guidance for resolving the troubleshooting messages you might encounter:

Before you begin

  • The SMI-S provider for your HDS array is part of the HiCommand Device Manager as illustrated in the diagram below.


  • See the Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) Provider section for details on installing the HDS provider in the HiCommand Device Manager. Or contact your HDS vendor for additional SMI-S provider support.
  • Before adding your HDS array to SRM Profiler, you must collect the information listed in the table below.

Provider IP address

IP address of the SMI-S provider

Provider Admin Username

The Administrator Username set up when adding a subsystemto the HiCommand Device Manager

Provider Admin Password

The Administrator Password set when adding a subsystem to the HiCommand Device Manager

Add the array

Use the Add a Device wizard to add your HDS array to SRM Profiler.

Troubleshoot with the Add a Device wizard

Troubleshoot with the Add a Device wizard provides details and guidance about the error messages you might encounter.

Manual configuration

Use the manual configuration if you must specify parameters that are not available from the Add a Device Wizard.

  1. In step 1 of the Add a Device Wizard, choose HDS.
  2. From the Add a Device – HDS window, click the Manual Configuration link.
  3. In the Create New Device for Agent: Storage Array window, provide the following information:
    • Server IP Address: From the drop down menu, select the SRM Profiler agent you want to monitor your array.
    • Device Display Name: Enter a meaningful name for your array.
    • Storage Array Type: Set to Storage Array HDS.
    • Active: Keep this box checked. Clearing this check box stops data collection for your array.
  4. In the Configure Device window, provide the values for the following fields.

    Other parameters are editable from this window. Make changes only if you are sure of a parameter value, otherwise leave the default value.

    • Status: Select On.
    • User Name: Enter the user name used to access the provider. Typically it is the HiCommand Device Manager login.
    • Password: Enter the password used to access the provider.
    • Provider IP Address: Enter the IP address of the provider.
    • Serial No: Enter the array serial number.
    • Click Test to test the connectivity between the agent and the array's SMI-S provider. You must enter the username, password, and provider IP before you can test the connection.
    • Click Save to save the configuration and push it to the agent to begin monitoring the array.
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