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WebinarUpcoming Webinar: Should I Move My Database to the Cloud?

So you’ve been running an on-premises SQL Server® for a while now. Maybe you’ve moved it from bare metal to a VM, and have seen some positive benefits. But, do you want to see more? If you said “YES!”, then this session is for you, as James Serra will review the many benefits that can be gained by moving your on-prem SQL Server to an Azure® VM (IaaS). He’ll also talk about the many hybrid approaches, so you can gradually move to the cloud. If you are interested in cost savings, additional features, ease of use, quick scaling, improved reliability, and ending the days of upgrading hardware, this is the session for you.

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Discover VM targets

Updated: June 16, 2017

This feature allows you to assign one or more VM(s) for SRM Profiler to discover shares/file systems on. Select the VMs from the available section to be moved to the selected box and click Discover Now.

Works with Windows Guest OS Only.

P2V Simulator

P2V (physical to virtual) is the migration of operating systems and their associated applications from physical, dedicated hardware into virtualized environments. The P2V migration can be handled through specialized software tools that automate the process. Or, the P2V migration can be performed manually—for instance, by installing an OS and appropriate applications on an assigned virtual machine.

To access the P2V Simulator:

  1. Click Virtualization > P2V Simulator.
  2. Select the group you want to simulate, and then click Go.
  3. Select Target Group and a Physical Server to Virtualize.
  4. Click Run Report.

The capacity planning results display a Before and After chart similar to the following example:


Thin provisioning

Thin provisioning is a system that applies to large scale, centralized computer disk storage systems, SANs, and storage virtualization systems. Thin provisioning allows for administrators to allocate storage space to multiple servers easily and allows distributed storage systems to be deployed as needed provisioning.

The Virtualization Dashboard provides a graphical display of your datastore Thin Provisioning. Displays thin provisioning info on virtual disks, so you can see the level of over commitment on your datastores.


The legend for thin provisioning is as follows:

  • Used Space is the actual amount of space used.
  • Free is the physical amount of storage still available.
  • Overcommitted is how much storage is committed above the physical storage available.
  • Thin provisioning percent is the percentage of over commitment above the physical storage.


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