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Server settings

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Updated: June 16, 2017

The Server settings control the overall behavior of the SRM Profiler server, the SNMP and DNS Poller. This setting also defines how the server sends email and the global configuration of File Age Categories.

Delete Log files Older Than

Set the duration server log files are retained on the server.
SNMP Trap Port

Set the port you want to receive traps on.

If you change this setting, you should restart the event receiver.

Data Retention policy Start Time

Set the time you want Data Retention policies to be executed. Data Retention Policies can tax a system for a short period because every table is analyzed. It is recommended that you run this analysis when the machine is not busy.

Hosts Down Monitor Enable

The Default is YES. If set to NO, then the functionality of 'Host Not Responding to Ping' trap is disabled. Any change to this parameter either (YES / NO) should be followed by the restart of the SRM Profiler Event Receiver service.

Web Server Log Level

Set the level of SRM Profiler Reporter Web Server log messages.

Maintenance Log Level

Set the level of SRM Profiler Reporter Maintenance log messages.

Poller Log Level

Set the level of SRM Profiler Reporter Poller log messages.

Event Receiver Log Level

Set the level of SRM Profiler Reporter Event Receiver log messages.

SNMP Table Poll Timeout

Set maximum time allowed for polling an SNMP table.

Automatic Clearing of Traps Frequency

Set frequency to clear traps older than trap age threshold.

Automatic Clearing of Traps Age

sets the trap age threshold for automatic trap clearing.

DNS Polling Frequency

sets the frequency at which the DNS Poller will poll the DNS agents you have defined.

Chart Image Format

sets the chart image format to either PNG or JPG default format is PNG.

Collector Frequency

Allow administrators to specify the maximum time between collection attempts, ranging from 30 minutes to daily. Every 15 minutes, SRM Profiler checks every device and if the time since the last successful data collection is greater than the time specified in this field, the server adds the device to the collection list and attempts to collect data from the agent on that device.

SNMP Frequency

Set the interval (30 min. to daily) the server uses for SNMP-standard GET commands to collect MIB II data from SNMP-enabled monitored devices.

The Storage Manager Event Receiver continues to receive SNMP traps as they arrive regardless of the setting in this field.



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