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Reporter settings

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Updated: June 16, 2017

Maximum Report Rows

Set the maximum number of rows a report is allowed. When you run a report, you can also specify the number of rows you want to display.

Delete Published files Older Than

Set the number of hours or days that published reports are retained.

Date Format

Set the way dates will be displayed in reports and consoles.

Report Charset

Set charset encoding for reports.

Percent Usage Color Coding

Set the color coding thresholds for Percent Usage values in reports and on Device Consoles. Enter "70,80,90" to show 0-70% as Green, 70-80% as Yellow, 80-90% as Orange and 90-100% as Red. You can enter from one to three threshold values. Enter "off" to turn off this feature.

Server Name

Set the name of the Server.

Server Port

Set the port of the Server.

Chart Font

Determine the font used in charts.

Chart Top X Series

Determine the value for the Top X series for charts.


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