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Storage Manager Third-Party Software List

Storage Manager/Profiler

Component  Version License
antlr 3.5 BSD License
antlr-runtime 3.5 BSD License
apache-tomcat 7.0.12 Apache License
avalon-framework-api 4.3.1 Apache License
avalon-framework-impl 4.3.1 Apache License
axis-jaxrpc 1.4 Apache License
axis-wsdl4j 1.5.1 Apache License
batik-anim 1.7 Apache License
batik-awt-util 1.7 Apache License
batik-bridge 1.7 Apache License
batik-codec 1.7 Apache License
batik-css 1.7 Apache License
batik-dom 1.7 Apache License
batik-ext 1.7 Apache License
batik-gvt 1.7 Apache License
batick-parser 1.7 Apache License
batik-script 1.7 Apache License
batik-svg-dom 1.7 Apache License
batik-svggen 1.7 Apache License
batik-transcoder 1.7 Apache License
batik-util 1.7 Apache License
batik-xml 1.7 Apache License
bcprov-jdk15 140 Bouncy Castle License
commons-logging-api 1.1 Apache License
fop 0.94 Apache License
hibernate-validator 4.3.0 Apache License
jackson-core-asl 1.9.13 Apache License
jackson-core-lgpl 1.9.2 GNU LGPL 2.1
Source code available on request
jackson-mapper-asl 1.9.13 Apache License
jackson-mapper-lgpl 1.9.2 GNU LGPL 2.1
Source code available on request
jaxrpc-api 1.1 CDDL
jboss-logging 3.1.0

GNU License

Source code available on request.

joda-time 2.1 Apache License 
manageontap 5.3.1


EULA available on request.

mariadb-java-client 1.1.1 GNU LGPL 3

Source code available on request.

mysql-connector-java 5.1.22 GNU LGPL 2

Source code available on request.

org.quartz-scheduler\quartz 2.2.1 Apache License
sjsxp 1.0.1

CDDL 1.1*

* Components source code available upon request

spring-asm 3.1.1 Apache License
spring-expression 3.1.1 Apache License
spring-ldap-core 1.3.1 Apache License
spring-orm 3.1.1 Apache License
spring-security-acl 3.1.0 Apache License
spring-security-config 3.1.0 Apache License
spring-security-crypto 3.1.0 Apache License
spring-security-ldap 3.1.0 Apache License
spring-security-taglibs 3.1.0 Apache License
spring-security-web 3.1.0 Apache License
spring-tx 3.1.1 Apache License
ST4 4.0.7 BSD License
stax-api 1.0 GNU LGPL 3

Source code available on request.

stringtemplate 3.2.1 BSD License
validation-api 1.0.0 Apache License
wsdl4j 1.6.1 Common Public License 1.0
xml-apis-ext 1.3.04 Apache License
xmlgraphics-commons 1.2 Apache License
xmlparserapis 2.6.2 Apache License
xstream 1.4.3 BSD License


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