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Troubleshooting with the Add a Device wizard

Updated: June 16, 2017

The Add a Device Wizard provides error messages for common problems encountered when adding an array to SRM Profiler.

The provider for this array is not responding


The provider rejected your login credentials

This message indicates a problem with the SMI-S provider username or password. Check your credentials.

The provider is responding with a namespace different than the array you are trying to configure

  • Another provider is listening on the IP address and port you entered for your array.
  • Validate that you are using the correct provider IP address.
  • Validate that your array provider is listening on the default ports 5988 or 5989. If not, use the manual device creation to add your array.

The provider does not have any arrays configured

Your array provider is installed but your array is not assigned. Add your array to the array provider. For assistance adding your array to the provider, check your array documentation or refer to you array administrator.

Arrays with no assigned agents


The Arrays with no Assigned Agents message appears when arrays are found on the provider but are not assigned to an agent. SRM Profiler can only report on arrays that are assigned to an agent. Click Cancel and follow the Assign to Agent instructions.

If there is a firewall between your SRM Profiler server and your SMI-S provider you must open ports 5988 and 5989 so the SRM Profiler discovery can locate the SAN devices configured in the SMI-S provider.

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