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Using the Add A Device wizard

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Updated: June 16, 2017

SRM Profiler makes adding storage devices easy. Enter the IP address of the array provider, and the wizard walks you through adding your array.

If there is a firewall between your SRM Profiler agent and your SMI-S provider, you must open HTTP Port 5988 or HTTPS Port 5989 so SRM Profiler can collect data from your configured devices.

  1. From the Getting Started page, click Add More in the Storage Arrays section, and choose your array from the drop-down menu.


  2. Enter the Provider IP Address, Provider Admin Username, and Provider Password, and then click Test Connection, or choose an existing provider, and then click Test Connection.



  3. Click Next.
    The Assign Storage Arrays window lists all arrays found on the provider. Each array is listed with the array name configured in the provider, the array type, the number of disks in the array, and the agent to which the array is assigned. The overall License Usage for all arrays is provided.
  4. Select the box next to each array you want to add, and then click Assign to Agent. You can choose multiple arrays.


  5. From the drop down menu, select the agent to which you want to assign the array, and then click Assign to Agent.


    • Each agent in the Select Agent list displays the number of disks the agent is monitoring.
    • Arrays with disks falling within the allowed license count can be assigned.
    • The total of all disks in the selected arrays must be within the allowed license count.
  6. In the Node(s) assigned successfully window, click OK.
  7. When all agents are assigned, click Finish.


  8. Confirm the arrays are added by checking the SAN Groups section in the left-hand navigation:




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