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SRM Profiler and vCenter asset collection

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Updated: June 16, 2017

Customers with very large virtual environments might encounter an issue where asset data is not being reported for virtual devices. This issue can be caused by timeout issues due to an influx of too much data to SRM Profiler. SRM Profiler versions 6.0 and above have resolved this issue by adding a feature allowing customers to throttle the amount of data being polled by SRM Profiler. The new feature can be seen when clicking the "Show Advanced Fields" button in the device configuration window for the virtual device. The fields are:

  • Number of Connection to VC for Asset
  • Number of connection to VC for Storage
  • Number of connection to VC for Performance


The default settings is 3 yet customers can adjust the values to fit their environment. You can also modify the time for when Configuration, Performance, Storage and Discovery Frequency is collected thus avoiding any scheduled overlap with data collection from the virtual device.


When you set the values and click Save, the changes are automatically cascaded to any additional proxy agents that are monitoring ESX servers associated with the vCenter, thus saving you time from having to manually duplicate the settings for each proxy agent.

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