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User Authentication (LDAP) settings

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Updated: June 16, 2017

SolarWinds recommends enabling the following permissions:

  • Read All Properties
  • Read All Permissions
  • Allowed to Authenticate
  • Change Password
Enable LDAP Authentication Enable LDAP Authentication when set to True.
LDAP Server Display Domain name Set display name for LDAP server.
LDAP Server URL Set URL for LDAP Server.
LDAP Server Manager DN Set Distinguished Name (DN) for LDAP Server Manager
LDAP Server Manager password Provide password for LDAP Server Manager
LDAP Search Base Specify LDAP search base.
LDAP Search Filter Specify LDAP filter.
LDAP Search Subtree Searches LDAP subtree when set to True.
LDAP Dereference Flag LDAP Server performs dereferencing when set to True.



The LDAP Server Manager DN (Distinguished Name) cannot contain forward "/" or backward "\" slashes.



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