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Agent settings

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Updated: June 16, 2017

The Agent Settings define the behavior of the SRM Profiler server when it receives a registration trap from an agent trying to register. Enabling these allows you to receive real time alerts when an agent status changes from yellow to red or from green to yellow. This will send out a trap.

Allow Self-Register Defines what SRM Profiler does when it receives a trap from an agent that is not in the devices table. If set to true, SRM Profiler adds the agent to the device table, using the IP address as the device name. Default is yes.
Auto Assign OS License Determines if SRM Profiler automatically assigns an OS RTU License when it registers an agent. Default is yes.
Agent Inactivity Threshold Choose the threshold for agent inactivity. If there has been no collection from an agent for the period specified, then an 'Agent not collecting' trap is sent. This trap is only sent for the agents to which the monitor agent check box is selected in the edit page.
Agent Status Alert Sets Alert status to TRUE/FALSE. Any change made to this parameter should be followed by the restart of the Storage Manager Event Receiver service.
Always alert when Agent status is Critical or Warning Sets status to TRUE/FALSE. The 'Agent Status Alert' parameter should be set to 'TRUE'
Agent Status Alert Frequency Sets Alert Frequency levels. Default is five minutes. The 'Agent Status Alert' parameter should be set to 'TRUE'. Any change made to this parameter should be followed by the restart of the SRM Profiler Event Receiver Service.
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