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Sample deployment

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Updated: June 16, 2017

This example shows how to load balance external devices using SRM Profiler proxy agents.

The following diagram shows one way of assigning resources to proxy agents. Note the three proxy agents at the bottom are monitoring both ESX servers and Fibre Channel switches. SRM Profiler agents are comprised of modules. Each module is responsible for monitoring a different resource on the external device being monitored. Because of this feature, we are able to monitor multiple functions from different devices via one agent.


The following table provides a breakdown of the devices being monitored in our example and the number of agents needed to monitor those devices:

Type of device

Number of devices

Proxy agent to device ratio

Number of proxy agents needed

Symmetrix/VMAX Array




VNX/Clariion Array




NetApp Filers




Virtual Machines




Fibre Channel Switches




  • All calculations are done using Linux x64 bit agents

Because SRM Profiler agents are capable of monitoring multiple resources from different devices, you can go a step further and optimize your setup by spreading the workload out even further, thus reducing the number of Proxy Agents needed.

Example: The table above can be divided out even further using the "Proxy Agent to Device Ratio" column in the table above:

  • Agent 1 – 2 ESX hosts with 200 Virtual Machines, 10 Fibre Channel Switches, 5 Clarrion/VNX arrays
  • Agent 2 – 2 ESX hosts with 200 Virtual Machines, 10 Fibre Channel Switches, 5 Clarrion/VNX arrays
  • Agent 3 – 2 ESX hosts with 200 Virtual Machines, 10 Fibre Channel Switches, 2 Clarrion/VNX arrays
  • Agent 4 – One Symmetrix/VMAX array
  • Agent 5 - One Symmetrix/VMAX array
  • Agent 6 – 8 NetApp Filers
  • Agent 7 – 8 NetApp Filers
  • Agent 8 – 8 NetApp Filers

If you are running VMware VMotion, Storage VMotion or anything that can cause ESX host to dynamically switch to another ESX server be aware of how VMware distributes the load dynamically from one ESX server to another. You should allow for additional room for the switch over. For example, if you are currently running 300 virtual machines on one proxy agent and a switchover occurs, this could allow monitoring of 300 plus virtual machines on your SRM Profiler proxy agent.

In summary, you can monitor all of the devices in this example with 8 Proxy Agents.

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