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Reports marked as deprecated in Storage Manager 5.7

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Created by Interspire Import, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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Some storage array reports will be marked as deprecated  after STM v5.6.2. This message is to notify the customer that certain array reports will be removed in future releases. A list of the reports that will be marked as deprecated are below along with a list of reports that can be used to replace the deprecated reports.

The following reports located in the "Storage Array" category will be marked as deprecated: 


Asset Information

Physical Disk Drives

Provider Information

Remote Console


Array Capacity (Raw)

Free LUNs

LUN Path Mapping

LUN Path Redundancy


RAID Type Utilization

Storage Pool Utilization

You must use device specific reports instead of “Storage Array –Deprecated” reports. To use device specific reports, click the pull down located to the right of "Choose Type." Once you have selected the device, click the "Filter" button to the right to see the reports available for your device.



The following reports have been moved to Enterprise Reports:


Report Name


LUN Masking

New report name is “SMI-S Storage Array-LUN Masking”

LUN Masking Summary

Added as a new report


Report Name


Array Performance

New report name is “SMI-S Storage Array-Array Performance”

Controller Performance

New report name is “SMI-S Storage Array-Controller Performance”

Disk Performance

New report name is “SMI-S Storage Array-Disk Performance”

LUN Performance

New report name is “SMI-S Storage Array-LUN Performance”


STM v5.7 and later

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