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No collection for IBM SVC V7000 or Hitachi Data Systems (HDS)

Created by Miroslav Beno, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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No collection on IBM SVC V7000 or HDS after upgrade of their provider (SMI- S)


SSL is disabled due security vulnerability issues and TLS is enabled by default in the following storage array providers:
IBM SVC, V7000 SMI-S provider (from firmware 7.4.x.x)
Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) (from firmware 70-06-25-00) 


All STM versions



Storage Manager is using JRE 1.6 which does not support TLS protocol version 1.1 or later so, STM is failing to connect the provider with the TLS configuration.



1. Identify the Storage Manager agents to upgrade to the latest JRE version.
2. See the Storage Manager Administrator Guide on how to upgrade JRE 1.8 in the Storage Manager agent host

Manually Upgrading JAVA (JRE) v1.8 for STM Profiler Agent:
Note: Upgrading JRE on the server would make the web console inaccessible.
a.  Go to the Java website and download the latest Java version.
Note: For Windows, SolarWinds recommends downloading the Java installer on the Storage Manager Agent. The Java website automatically detects and downloads the version of the installer that matches the 32-bit or 64-bit nature of the Windows server. For other operating systems, refer to the download list in the Java website to select the file according to your preference. 
b.   Install the latest Java version.
c.   Stop SolarWinds Storage Manager Agent Service. 
d.   Go to the Storage Manager Agent installation folder and and back up the jre folder.
The default location of the Storage Manager Agent installation folder is as follows:
Windows: c:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Storage Manager Agent
Linux: /opt/Storage_Manager_Agent
e.  Delete all the files in the <Storage Manager Agent installation folder>/jre folder. 
f.   Go to the <Java installation folder>/jreX and copy all the files. 
g.   Paste all the copied files to <Storage Manager Agent installation folder>/jre. 
h.   Start SolarWinds Storage Manager Agent Service. 

3. Configure or re-assign the storage array with the TLS enabled provider to the Storage Manager agent with an upgraded JRE version. 


The Storage Manager Agent Service should start without any errors.




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