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Home > Success Center > Storage Manager (STM) > STM - Knowledgebase Articles > Parser Type for IBM SVC gets reverted to generic after performing a default SMI-S policy push with Storage Manager 6.0

Parser Type for IBM SVC gets reverted to generic after performing a default SMI-S policy push with Storage Manager 6.0


Gathering storage information for IBM SVC arrays in Storage Manager requires that the parser type is set to "ibmsvc." The parser value for IBM SVC arrays gets changed to the default setting of "generic" when performing a fresh install or upgrading to Storage Manager 6.0, making changes in the “Default SMI-S Policy (SMI-S)” policy and performing a push to the arrays. This will happen to any IBM SVC array included in the Default SMI-S Policy push.


STM v6.0


When a push is performed using the Default SMI-S Policy, all arrays that use SMI-S for communications to Storage Manager will be included in the list. When the policy gets pushed to the agents monitoring the IBM SVC arrays, the values are changed for the parser type to the default setting of "generic."

The following two options will prevent or correct this issue when performing a policy push using the Default SMI-S policy:

  • Within the Storage Manager web site, select Settings > Policies > Default SMI-S Policy.  Click the edit (pencil) icon to open the “Edit Policy” option. Click Devices to open the “Choose Devices – Default SMI-S” policy window. Look at the devices listed in the “Available Devices” box at the top. When adding arrays to the “Selected Devices” box at the bottom, omit any IBM SVC arrays.
  • If you selected IBM SVC devices in the policy push and executed it, click Settings > All Devices. Click the Device Config icon (Gear) for the affected IBM SVC array. Click the Device Config icon to open the “Configure Device” window. Within the window click the Show Advanced Fields button and change the “***Parser Type” to "ibmsvc."   Click the Save button to roll out the changes to the agent collecting information from the SMI-S provider for the IBM SVC array and normal polling will resume.


After performing a Default SMI-S Policy push, the parser type for IBM SVC arrays remains as "ibmsvc" instead of changing to the default setting of "generic."

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