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Dell Compellent polling issue

Updated March 11th, 2016


Storage Manager is unable to communicate with the Dell Compellent SMI-S provider.


All STM versions


Make sure that Dell Compellent Manager can see the device registered in its software first by going to step 12g & issuing the cimuser -l command and getting the output. If Dell Compellent can't see the user registered then Solarwinds STM won't be able to see the user neither and most of the time you'll just get a generic error that you can connect but you won't get collection.


For version 5.5.4 only.

You will first need to create a local user on the server where Compellent Data Collector Manager is installed.

  1. Login to the Windows server where the Compellent Data Collector Manager is installed.
  2. Create a Windows Local User account with 8 characters or less - DO NOT USE Special Characters.
    1. User Example: cmuser
    2. Use any Alphanumeric password
    3. Password Example: storage123
  3. Add the Windows local user account to the Administrators Group
  4. Give the User Account rights to logon as a Service. a. All Programs > Administrative Tools > Local Policies > User Rights Management. b. Double click on Log on as a service Policy.
  5. Add the user and then apply the changes.
  6. Important: Log off and Login to the server with the new Windows Local User account you’ve just created. Example User: cmuser
  7. Create a New User for Compellent Enterprise Manager Note: If open security is used, the user can be added from the Enterprise Manager Client.
    1. Login to Compellent Enterprise Manager.
    2. Type the username you used for the Local Windows Account that was created.
    3. User Example: cmuser
    4. Click the Check box Create New User.
    5. Type an alphanumeric password with LESS than 8 characters and NO Special Characters.
    6. Password Example: STM1234.
    7. Click Login.
  8. Once the New User has been created click the Add Storage Center button to add it to the user or click the Management menu item at the top left of the screen. a. Use the Admin credentials to add the Storage center to the user.
    • Note: If an Advanced security policy is used, add the user from the Data Collector Manager Interface.
  9. Open the Compellent Data Collector Manager GUI. 
    1. Click > All Programs > Compellent Technologies > Compellent Enterprise Manager > Compellent Enterprise Data Collection Manager
    2. Click Properties
    3. From the User Viewer, confirm that the new user is now visible.
  10. Set the Service Type and User in Data Collector Manager.
    1. Click Service from the left pane.
    2. Click Change at the bottom right in the Data Collector Service Properties. This allows you to edit the configuration.
    3. Click the Service User Type dropdown and change it to Local User Account.
    4. Add the Service User Name and Password.
    5. Use the Windows Local User Account and Password that was previoulsy created.
    6. User Example: cmuser.
    7. Password Example: storage123.
    8. Click Apply Changes on the bottom right.
  11. Configure SMI-S in Data Collector Manager.
    1. Click SMI-S from the Left Pane – The SMI-S Server configuration will show in the right pane.
    2. Click Change at the bottom right in the SMI-S Server Configuration.
    3. Select Enable SMI-S Server.
    4. Uncheck Use Https for SMI-S server connections.
    5. Check Manually Manage Users.
    6. Click Apply Changes on the bottom right. Add SMI-S User from CLI
  12. Run the Command Prompt as Administrator.
    1. Change directory to \Compellent Enterprise Manager\msaservice\Pegasus\bin
    2. Type: cimuser -a –u -w
    3. User is the Compellent Enterprise Manager user created.
    4. User Example: cmuser
    5. Password is the Compellent Enterprise Manager password. The less than 8 character password used when creating the Enterprise Manager account.
    6. Password Example: STM1234
    7. Type: cimuser -l - This will verify the user has been added successfully.
    8. Restart the Compellent Data Collector Manager service.
  13. Adding the Compellent to SolarWinds Storage Manager software. 
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