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Collector service stopped working due to huge amount of VMs assigned for collection

Updated March 10, 2017


The data collection stopped for all devices assigned to the STM server.


  • STM 6.x
  • STM 5.x


Collector overloaded.


The Collector service is under huge load, causing "data collection issues". First, we need to take care of the Collector. At the moment there is more than 300 VMs assigned for collection. Standalone agent with 4GB of RAM assigned can poll 300 VM's. Collector service has 2GB of RAM assigned by default. Collector shares memory between modules, that means collection is not possible from any other device.

  1. Go to Settings, Manage Agent Assignments, click tab ESX.
  2. Select all ESX servers.
  3. Click "Assign to Agent".
  4. Select "Unassign".

Now using services.msc stop "Solarwinds Storage Manager Collector" service. We need to edit config to add bit more memory:

  1. Open Notepad as an Administrator.
  2. Find file SolarWinds.Storage.Collector.ini (by default in c:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Storage Manager Server\webapps\ROOT\bin\).
  3. Find line: param03=-Xmx2048m.
  4. Assuming you have 8GB of free RAM on the server, replace above line with: param03=-Xmx8192m.
  5. Save changes, restart Solarwinds Storage Manager Collector.

See if devices restart collection (may take around 1 - 2h for SMI-S based devices). Once you see devices collecting, you can re-assign some of the ESX hosts to the agent. Make sure not to exceed 300 VM's per agent. To check current figures go to Reports, Quick Reports, check report "Vmware to Agent assignment".




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18:18, 9 Mar 2017