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Cannot login to STM

Created by Miroslav Beno, last modified by Reynaldo Larano on Jan 04, 2017

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Cannot login to STM.


STM 5.7 and later


  • LDAP is enabled but LDAP settings changed but STM ldap was not updated.
  • The password for the default admin has changed.
  • The default admin got only read rights.


  1. Remote to the STM server.  Access the file to retrieve the database login information.


2.    Open Command Prompt as administrator and navigate to <Install dir>\SolarWinds\Storage Manager Server\mariadb\bin



3. Login to the database using the following syntax

mysql -uadmin -p

(Enter password when prompted, password is the one from the file)


4. access the storage database instance

use storage;


Then, to reset the admin password to "admin" execute:
update user set Password = MD5('admin') where LoginName = 'Admin';



5. Once done, it should allow you to login to Storage Manager using 

Username: admin
Password: admin
















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