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Training ClassSign up for Network Performance Monitor (NPM) and Scalability instructor-led classes

Attend our instructor-led classes, provided by SolarWinds® Academy, to discuss the more advanced monitoring mechanisms available in NPM as well as how to tune your equipment to optimize its polling capabilities. NPM classes offered:
NPM Custom Monitoring and Polling
Orion Platform Scalability

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Training Classes

SolarWinds Academy Training Classes 


At SolarWinds, we understand that it can be difficult to know where to start when beginning to learn a new skill.  We have created recommended learning paths to connect you with the best training for your products.  Select your product below to view the learning path.  To view all instructor-led web based trainings, visit the SolarWinds Academy Virtual Classrooms page.   All classes are included for customers under active maintenance.

Network Management

Orion Core

Netflow Traffic Analyzer (NTA)

Network Configuration Manager (NCM)

Network Performance Manager (NPM)

Network Topology Mapper (NTM)

VoIP & Network Quality Manager (VNQM)

Log Manager for Orion (LM)


DameWare Remote Support & Mini Remote Control

Kiwi Syslog Server

Web Help Desk (WHD)




Applications & Systems

Database Performance Analyzer (DPA)

Server & Application Monitor (SAM)

Server Configuration Monitor (SCM)

SolarWinds Backup

Storage Resource Monitor (SRM)

Virtualization Manager (VMAN)

Web Performance Monitor (WPM)

Security and Compliance

Log & Event Manager (LEM)

Patch Manager





(Q)  Is this training right for me

(A)  Live classes vary from beginner to advanced levels and typically last around (4) four hours. Some classes have pre-requisites, so make sure to double check that you are taking the classes in the correct order.


(Q)  What is the cost of the training?

(A)  A subscription to SolarWinds Academy training is included with active maintenance.  


(Q)  How do I register for classes?

(A)  Use the SolarWinds Customer Portal to register for classes. When you receive a confirmation email, click the link provided to add to your calendar. On the day of your scheduled training, follow the instructions in the confirmation email to join the live WebEx training session.  


(Q)  What are the system requirements to attend the training

(A)  You will need access to an internet connection and a web-browser.


(Q)  Can my team members attend?

(A)  Yes. Each person who attends the training will need to have a SolarWinds Customer Portal user account.


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