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SCM 1.1 Administrator Guide

This guide provides Information about configuring and using SolarWinds SCM. For installation information, use the SolarWinds Orion Installer. If you are new to SCM, see the SCM Getting Started Guide



+ System Requirements

Information on software and hardware requirements, as well as compatible SolarWinds products.

+ Node management

Add nodes to the Orion platform and SCM, and see which nodes are being monitored.

+ Monitor configuration changes on a node

Set up configuration monitoring on a server, see suggestions of servers to monitor, and see the recent changes.

+ Server configuration profiles

Using the out-of-the-box profiles, descriptions of configuration element types, and how to make your own profiles.

+ Compare configurations over time

See what has changed on your server over time, and correlate those changes to system performance.

+ Alerts, Events, and Reports

Get notified when configurations change.


Orion Platform features

+ How Orion Platform products work

Orion platform products monitor your network through different protocols. A typical installation includes a database server and one or more polling engine servers.

+ Licensing

Activate, add, upgrade or assign licenses with the web-based License Manager in the Orion Web Console.

+ Add devices

Identify the devices you want to monitor and add them to the SolarWinds Orion database.

+ Manage devices

Edit properties of monitored devices, stop monitoring, edit monitoring settings, stop polling devices or mute alerts.

+ Agents

Deploy agents to collect data for monitoring your network.

+ Alerts

Get informed about network events. Use or customize the out-of-the-box alerts, or create new alerts tailored to your needs.

+ Users

Manage Orion Web Console user accounts: set user rights, reset passwords, limit access to network segments based on user accounts, enable authentication with Active Directory.

+ Customize Orion Web Console (views, resources)

Log in to the Orion Web Console, customize menus, colors, the logo and breadcrumbs. Customize views, add widgets and subviews, limit objects on views, specify views for device types. Customize widgets and charts.

+ Web-based reports

Generate reports in the Orion Web Console based on the predefined reports for your Orion Platform product. Customize existing reports to fit your needs, create reports, schedule a report to run automatically.

+ PerfStack

Visually correlate historical time series data from multiple Orion Platform products and entity types in a single view.


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