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Windows Updates Available Status Missing in SAM

Updated December 14, 2017


This article details an issue in which the Updates Available row under the Windows Update Information node on the Asset Inventory page in SAM is not displayed. Customers that try to install an agent on the machine may see an "Install Agent Failed" message.




  • SAM 6.4 and later


This issue is caused if the C:\Users%user name%\AppData\Local\Temp folder was either deleted or renamed on the monitored server.


If the folder C:\Users%user name%\AppData\Local\Temp no longer exists on the monitored server, it will need to be manually recreated.

  1. Go to the  C:\Users%user name%\AppData\Local\ folder.
  2. Add a new folder: Temp
  3. Restart SAM and go to the Asset Inventory page.
  4. Confirm that the Updates Available row is now visible under the Windows Update Information node.






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