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Home > Success Center > Server & Application Monitor (SAM) > Unexpected error occurred. OdbcNoLibrary: ODBC Library is not found. Is LD_LIBRARY_PATH set

Unexpected error occurred. OdbcNoLibrary: ODBC Library is not found. Is LD_LIBRARY_PATH set

Updated November 24, 2016


When attempting to poll a database server using the "ODBC User Experience Monitor" in SAM, the following error appears:

Unexpected error occurred.
OdbcNoLibrary: 'ODBC Library is not found. Is LD_LIBRARY_PATH set?'


  • SAM 6.3 and later
  • Node polled via Linux Agent


The cause for this issue is the Linux Agent. When polling a node with the Linux Agent, the "ODBC User Experience Monitor" will initiate the request on the Linux machine and attempt to use ODBC drivers on the Linux machine.

The error is produced when the specified ODBC driver does not exist on the Linux machine.


There are two options to resolve this issue depending on the configuration.


Install ODBC drivers on the Linux machine

Go to the vendor's website and install the ODBC driver on the Linux machine for the database where you are trying to poll.


Also, "unixODBC" will need to be installed. This package should be available for most Linux Distros. After installing unixODBC and the relevant driver it should be detected.


You may need to update the Connection string also in the SAM template to match your driver version that's been installed.


Switch the template to Agentless

  1. Open the Orion Web Console.
  2. Go to Settings > SAM Settings > Manage Application Monitors.
  3. Edit the Application Monitor.
  4. Go to Advanced > Preferred Polling Method: and then switch to Agentless.
  5. Click Save.

Note: Switching to Agentless will attempt to use ODBC drivers installed locally on the Orion Polling Engine. If these are not present, then they will need to be downloaded and installed from the vendor's website.


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