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Show how many components SAM is actually polling

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Updated January 18, 2017


Here is a SQL query that you can run to show how many components are being polled per polling engine. This value can be (and typically is) higher than the licensed component count that is visible in the Web UI.


All SAM versions


  1. Log onto the Orion Server.
  2. Open Database Manager.
  3. Run the following query. Replace the 'X' in the query with the ID of each engine (can be found on the AllEngines or Engines table):
    SELECT COUNT(*) FROM APM_CurrentComponentStatus WHERE ApplicationID IN (SELECT ID FROM APM_Applications WHERE NodeID IN (SELECT NodeID FROM Nodes WHERE EngineID ='X'))



Additionally, they can run a similar query to the following to determine if there are a large number of components from a single monitor type (IE: AppInsight monitors)

SELECT Count(*) AS 'num'
  FROM [APM_CurrentComponentStatus]
WHERE ApplicationID in (select ID from [dbo].[APM_Application]
WHERE Name like '%iis%')
ORDER BY num desc;



Additionally, they can run the following to determine what AppID's are polling a large number of components

 SELECT ApplicationID, Count(*) AS 'num'
  FROM [APM_CurrentComponentStatus]
  GROUP BY ApplicationID

ORDER BY num desc;





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13:28, 8 Jun 2017