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Services Monitor - WMI vs RPC vs SNMP

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Updated September 29th, 2016


Protocols to monitor Services in SAM

Basically you can monitor via:

  • WMI (WMI Counters) and 
  • Windows Performance Counters (RPC)


  • SAM Monitor will poll certain OIDs from that device's MIBs
  • For example in APM you dont see what SNMP is being monitored, but pulls from likes of these OID's HOST-RESOURCES-MIB.
  • SNMP requires much less bandwidth to poll than WMI.
  • Some details on this: SNMP and WMI polling comparison

It uses its own SNMP service, does not use the RPC service.
SAM help reference material: 

An advantage to SNMP also is that it will retry the poll 3 times before marking it as unknown.
This is what WMI is not doing at the moment. If the WMI query fails to get a response on first attempt, it marks the component as unknown. SNMP will try 2 more times, then mark it as unknown.


  • WMI Monitor 
  • Example of how we use WQL to pull Services:
  • SELECT * FROM Win32_Service
    SELECT * FROM Win32_Process
    SELECT * FROM Win32_PerfRawData_PerfProc_Process
  • Testing WMI Connectivity



  • Windows Service Monitor

    Windows Performance Counters (RPC):

  • This is same as running cmd -> PERFMON

  • On windows Services. Operating System maintains all this counters and we can pull from them.

  • Only RPC and SNMP, does 3 retires if doesnt return values. WMI does not.


Also there are Documents on WMI\SMNP on site in links below and Videos Tutorials.


Orion Demo

  • Solarwinds Online Orion Demo
  • Look at demo site to see fully up and running Demo of Orion and all its Modules,
  • Here you can see Various views and devices being monitored along with other interesting Orion Modules like APM, ipSLA, IPAM, Netflow NTA.



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