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Server Clock Drift Template Fails on Agent Node in SAM

Updated November 30, 2017


This article details a resolution in regards to the failure of the "Server Clock Drift (PowerShell)" template to run on the Agent Node in SAM when the default polling method is set to "Agent".



  • SAM v6.4


The following command works correctly only for agentless polling:

$remoteServerTime = Get-WmiObject Win32_UTCTime -ComputerName $


-Credential $




On an Agent node, the command fails because these credentials cannot be used for a local connection.


You can use a simpler script that receives the clock drift directly from the NTP server without the complicated mathematics necessary for remote polling:

$ntpServer = $args.get(0);
if (!$ntpServer)
    Write-Host "Message: Can't find ""ntpServer"" argument. Check documentation.";
    exit 1;
$ntpQuery = Invoke-Expression "w32tm /monitor /computers:$ntpServer" | Out-String;
$findSkew = [regex]"(?:NTP\: )(?<Value>[^s]+)";
if ($ntpQuery -match $findSkew)
    $ntpToLocalSkew = [double]::Parse($Matches['Value'])
    $roundedSkew = [math]::Round($ntpToLocalSkew, 2)
    Write-Host "Message: Clock drift: ${roundedSkew}s"
    Write-Host "Statistic: $([math]::Abs($roundedSkew))"
    exit 0
    Write-Host "Message: Unable to query NTP server $ntpServer."
    exit 1




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