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Systems Monitoring for Dummies
Our new eBook will teach you the fundamentals and help you create monitors and alerts that are effective, meaningful, and actionable. Monitoring is more than a checkbox on your to-do list. This free eBook will give you practical advice to help you succeed in all aspects of monitoring – discovery, alerting, remediation, and troubleshooting. Don’t miss out on this indispensable resource for newbies, experienced IT pros, and everyone in between. Register Now.

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Server & Application Monitor (SAM) Training

Server & Application Monitor (SAM) Training

New Feature Training: SAM 6.5 and DPA 11.1 - Available Dec 13 and Dec 14

With the release of SAM 6.5, and DPA 11.1, SolarWinds Academy brings you a training session where we will discuss the new features of these products. Our training team will cover all the new and exciting enhancements. We will also cover where to find the upgrade resources including upgrade guides, training videos and release notes. This training is sure to bring you up to speed on the new product features even faster!

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Training is an important part of making sure you are getting all of the advantages from your SAM product.  We want to make sure that we are providing you with the tools you need in order to be successful including:  instructional videos, how to articles and instructor led training.  


  • Training Opportunities for Customers on Active Maintenance -  We offer instructor led training classes and videos via webcast as well as on demand in order to help you create the perfect system for your needs.
    See a list of current  SAM Classes.

Current popular classes include:

  • Introduction to the Orion Platform
  • Configuring the Orion Platform
  • Introduction to SAM


  • How to Comprehensively Monitor Microsoft Exchange
  • Creating Custom Reports in the Orion Platform (SAM, NPM, etc.)
  • Set up Application Monitoring and Alerting and Troubleshoot SAM Templates
  • Orion Database Maintenance and Troubleshooting Orion Web Performance
  • SNMP: A classic, powerful muscle car for the modern monitoring age


  • Free Training Videos for all Customers - We have a library of videos that can provide you with an introduction to our products as well as popular customizations.
  • See a list of all free SAM videos.


  • Popular Guides and Training Videos. Here is a listing of additional resources that will walk you through popular configuration and customization tasks.

Overview and Installation

  1. Guided Tour (8:08)

  2. Preparing an Installation (8:41)


  1. Adding Applications to Monitor Using automatic Discovery (5:04) 

  2. Manually Adding Applications (4:37)

  3. Customizing Views and Resources (3:37)

How To

  1. Monitoring Microsoft IIS (3:44)

  2. Monitoring Active Directory (2:23)

  3. Introduction to AppStack - Video (4:00)

  4. Alerting on An Application (5:59)

  5. Understanding Application Templates (7:05)

  6. Creating a New Application Template (8:44)

  7. Advanced Application Monitor Templates + Cloud Monitoring (30:04)



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