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Secure Monitors Go offline periodically


The status of the secure monitors like HTTPS monitor and Powershell monitor in SAM, shows down occasionally.


All SAM versions


  1. The powershell monitor is shown to be down because the Exchange 2010 OWA Form Login Monitor component overrides the template’s script body.
  2. The HTTPS monitor fails because the System.Net.ServicePointManager object, which is global for the whole process, is overwritten to „$true“ by the powershell monitor. The .NET implementation does not understand this syntax. 


By switching the OWA template to use 64bit process, the OWA PowerShell monitors will be executed from SWJobEngineWorker2x64.exe and HTTPS monitors from SWJobEngineWorker2.exe process. This avoids conflict between the monitors.


  1. Click Start > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Orion Web Console > SAM Settings > Application Monitor > Application Component Details.

  2. Click Edit Application Monitor.
    5306 - 1.png

  3. Expand Advanced > Override Template.

    5306 - 2.png

  4. Change Platform to run polling job on to x64.

    5306 - 3.png

  5. Click Submit.

  6. If the issue still persists it may be because .Net 4.5 framework is not installed properly. 

  7. Install .Net 4.5 framework.


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