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SAM resources appear in Node Details page after being uninstalled

Created by Jane Baylon, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article describes the issue when SAM Web Resources still show in the Node Details page even after being uninstalled.


All versions of SAM 


This issue occurs when SAM resources are not removed from the database after the uninstalling.


1. Go to Start > All Programs > Solarwinds Orion > Advanced Features > Database Manager > Add default server. Find and expand your Solarwinds database.

2. Right-click Views table and then select Query table.


3. Click Execute Query. Take note of the ViewID of the Node Details page. By default, it is set as 2.

4. Right-click Resources table and then select Query table.


5. Run this query:
SELECT TOP 1000 * FROM [dbo].[Resources] where viewid = 2 and resourcefile like '%apm%'
This provide results for all SAM (also known as APM) resources that are under the Node Details view.

6. Click Enable table editing and change the ViewID from 2 to 0.


7. Press enter to save changes.


Last modified
03:34, 23 Jun 2016