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Licensing Server & Application Monitor - Video

Updated 6-6-2016


This video describes how Server & Application Monitor is licensed.



  • SAM 6.2 and above

Video Transcription

In this video, we will see how SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor (SAM) is licensed.

SAM is typically licensed by the number of ‘component monitors’, which is any measurement of application health and availability. Examples of component monitors include a performance counter, a service, or a process, a URL, and so on.

There are various license tiers available that you can choose from—AL150, AL300, AL700, AL1100, AL1500, and ALX.

For each license tier, in addition to component monitors for applications, you will be able to monitor physical and virtual servers, and volumes.

Let’s see this with an example:

AL150 license tier includes monitoring up to 150 component monitors, AND up to 150 nodes—which could be physical servers, virtual servers or virtual machines—AND up to 150 volumes.

As your requirement to monitor grows, you can easily upgrade to higher licensing tiers.

To simplify monitoring and provide quick access to performance data for specific applications, SAM uses ‘templates’. You can think of a template as a blueprint of what needs to be monitored for a particular type of application. It lists all the ‘component monitors’ for that application and the default thresholds they should be set to.

For example, a template to monitor Active Directory® will include component monitors to measure and report on metrics such as LDAP client sessions, DNS client service, DS directory read/write per sec, etc. You can add more component monitors to this template, or remove them as needed. The number of component monitors used in templates will be counted for licensing.

There are over 200 pre-built templates available out of the box in SAM. This includes different application types such as SharePoint®, Active Directory, Oracle®, Apache®, Linux®, Java®, Citrix®, and more. Typically, without any customization or scripting needed, you can just assign these templates and start monitoring applications quickly.

In addition, SAM allows you to easily edit, modify or create new templates to monitor custom or home-grown applications. There are almost 50 different component monitor types to choose from for building new templates.

You can also benefit from using over 800 templates created and shared by SAM users on SolarWinds' online community, THWACK®.

Then, there are ‘super templates’ called AppInsight™ available out of the box to monitor Microsoft Exchange, IIS and SQL Server.

AppInsight templates provide deeper performance insight to solve complex issues.

AppInsight templates use a fixed number of component monitors – 50 for Exchange, 30 for IIS™, and 50 per SQL Server® instance – and cannot be edited or modified.

SAM supports both agentless and agent-based monitoring. The optional agent installation extend monitoring in the cloud and remote locations. Licensing structure is the same regardless of the polling method implemented.

Please contact a SolarWinds sales engineer to help you determine the best licensing tier for your environment.

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