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SAM Script Monitors 'LocalHost' vs Remote Host Execution Explained

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Created by Shane Horgan, last modified by Melanie Boyd on Nov 09, 2017

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Updated November 9, 2017


This article explains the difference between SAM's Script monitors Execution Mode. 




  • SAM, all versions


In Local execution mode, the script is run "on" the Orion server itself.

  • The code that executes might query remote resources, but the code is running locally on the Orion server.


In Remote Execution mode:

  • The code is executed "on" the remote computer itself.
  • This mode of operation requires properly configuring WinRM on both the Orion server, as well as the remote host.


Note: You can achieve the same results as remote execution mode without the need to configure WinRM by installing the Orion Agent on the remote host and using local execution mode.


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