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Agent resource consumption and settings

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Created by Chris.Moyer_ret, last modified by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret on Aug 24, 2016

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An agent is a software application that provides a communication channel between the Orion server and a Windows or Linux computer. Agents are used as an alternative to WMI or SNMP to provide information about your selected key devices and applications.

A single polling engine can support up to 1,000 agents. The following table details agent resource consumption.


0.24% on average under normal operating condition


Between 10 and 100 MB depending upon the number and types of jobs


The agent consumes roughly 20% (on average) of the bandwidth consumed by the WMI protocol for transmission of the same information. For example, an agent may use 1.3 KBPS versus WMI at 5.3 KBP.

The amount of bandwidth consumed by an agent depends on how many items are being monitored. For example, as the number of SAM components monitored by an agent increases, bandwidth increases.
Agents utilize approximately 80% less bandwidth than WMI for the same number of items being monitored because agents use a more efficient protocol, HTML, while WMI uses RPC for communication. The agent protocol also utilizes compression, which is not available in WMI.

Storage 100 MB

Agent settings

The Agent Settings page provides access to all of the settings and tools needed to install and manage agents. Additional agent settings can be found in the Control Panel.

To access settings in the Orion Web Console, click Settings > All Settings > Agent Settings.


  • Manage Agents: Opens the Manage Agents page so you can add an agent, as well as edit, update, or reboot existing agents.
  • Download Agent Software: Opens the Agent Downloads page so you can mass deploy or manually install an agent.
  • Define Global Agent Settings: Opens the Global Agent Settings page so you can allow automatic agent registration or allow automatic agent updates.
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