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Monitor Internet Information Services (IIS)

Created by Chris.Moyer_ret, last modified by Laura C on Jul 19, 2017

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SolarWinds SAM includes AppInsight Applications that provide a level of detail beyond what other templates can provide, allowing you to monitor virtually every aspect of your application. The AppInsight for IIS application provides:

  • Control over web sites and application pools
  • Separate, detailed metrics on each website or pool, instead of just a summary level
  • Monitoring log space usage on each website individually, ASP.NET requests monitoring
  • SSL expiration monitoring

If the system did not scan for AppInsight for IIS during discovery, you can add it to monitored servers running IIS.

This example shows how to apply the AppInsight for IIS application template to a Windows node.

Add AppInsight for IIS to a node

  1. From the web console, navigate to the Node Details page of any WMI node running IIS.

    You must know which nodes are running IIS.

  2. From the Management resource, click List Resources.


  3. Select Microsoft IIS to enable AppInsight for IIS data collection, then click Submit.

    List resources shows all monitorable features of a node.


  4. Click the All Applications resource to verify the addition by clicking the Applications.
  5. Enter your IIS credentials when prompted, and click Configure Server.


For troubleshooting information, see Troubleshooting AppInsight for IIS.

View IIS application data

SolarWinds SAM displays IIS data in views. The type of view determines the level of detail. For example, the AppInsight for IIS details view provides a rollup of information about that IIS server, including statistics about all the sites on the server, application pools, and connections.

  1. From the web console, locate the All Applications resource by clicking My Dashboards > Home.
  2. Expand the AppInsight for IIS tree by clicking >.
  3. Click an IIS application to view.

From the Applnsight for IIS details view you can view the status and details for Sites, Applications Pools, and Performance Counters by clicking elements in each of these resources.

From the AppInsight for IIS details view, click a website in the Sites resource. The Sites resource shows every site hosted by that server.


From the AppInsight for IIS details view, click an application pool in the Application Pool resource. The Application Pool resource show the memory and CPU usage of each site on the server.


From the AppInsight for IIS details view, click a performance counter in any resource. For example, click ASP.NET > Requests Rejected.File:Success_Center/New_Articles/SAM-Getting-Started-Mindtouch/040/020/wilbur-aspnet.png

Expert knowledge for AppInsight performance counters

General information is provided for a selected counter, in addition to possible problems and troubleshooting steps, where applicable. Find expert knowledge on the performance counter details page.


AppInsight for IIS can help you monitor and troubleshoot IIS. However, a software monitoring solution cannot detect failed hardware issues, such as insufficient RAM or a failed cooling fan. To detect hardware issues, you also need to enable hardware health monitoring.

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