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When it comes to your complex IT infrastructure, you want to ensure you have a good grasp of what’s going on to avoid any fire drills that result from guesswork. Read our white paper to learn how proactively monitoring your IT environment can help your organization while giving you peace of mind.

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SAM Getting Started Guide

Updated March 13, 2018


This guide picks up right after you install SAM and walks you through the first steps you need to take to monitor applications, hardware health, asset inventory and operating performance in your environment. 


PDF version


  • Get started. Plan your implementation, set up SAM, and collect data about your environment.
    • Understand the SAM environment and learn about the Application Stack
    • Discover applications, servers, cloud instances/VMs, and devices
    • Monitor applications, hardware health, assets, cloud instances/VMs, and more
    • Use Performance Analysis (PerfStack) to identify issues before customers call the help desk
    • Prepare alerts and reports 


  • Customize. Tailor SAM to your internal processes so you can more effectively respond to performance issues. 
    • Create templates for custom applications
    • Create and assign custom properties to nodes
    • Create dependencies between applications and supporting infrastructure
    • Create custom pages
    • Create dashboard views and adjust user permissions
    • Create custom alerts and reports


Existing customers: Following the recommendations in this guide ensures your system capabilities are appropriate and your production environment is sized correctly. Minimum system requirements used during evaluation are not sufficient for a production environment. Access license details in the SolarWinds Customer Portal. If you need implementation help, contact our Support Geeks. See SolarWinds Customer Support Information to learn how to properly open a support case with the right level of visibility.


Evaluators: If you are evaluating SolarWinds SAM, download a free 30-day evaluation. The evaluation version of SolarWinds SAM is a full version of the product, functional for 30 days. After the evaluation period, you can easily convert your evaluation license to a production license by obtaining and applying a license key. If you need assistance with your evaluation, contact


Did you know that if you are on active maintenance you can get FREE training? Go to SolarWinds Academy to check out our line up of eLearning and live classes.


Get Started and Begin Monitoring

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