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SAM Third-Party Software List


This software includes code and libraries from:

Component Version License and Notices
Amib SmartThreadPool Microsoft Public License (MS-PL)
ASP.NET SignalR 2.0.1 pre Apache 2.0 License
AWSSDK - Auto Scaling Apache 2.0 License
AWS SDK for .Net 2.3.35 Apache 2.0 License
Boost 1.59.0 Boost License
C++ REST SDK 2.2.0 Apache 2.0 License
Chilkat Chillkat License
clipboardjs 1.5.5 MIT
ctypes library for Python 1.0.2 MIT License
Cytoscape.js 3.1.1

MIT License

dnspython 1.9.4 BSD
Enterprise Application Server libraries (EAP) / WildFly

WildFly 8.0.0


frontporch/Radius.NET 2017-07-08 / 092d96e MIT License
JBoss Application Server libraries JBoss Application Server Version 7.1.1 GNU LGPL 2.1
Source code available on request
Library files: c:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\APM\jmxbridge\lib\xxx.jar
JBoss Application Server libraries/Enterprise Application Server libraries (EAP) JBoss Application Server Version 7.2+ GNU LGPL 2.1
Source code available on request
Library files: c:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\APM\jmxbridge\lib\jboss-cli-client.jar
JSLWin JSL 0.99k JSLWin License

MIT License

libstdc++ 4.9.3

libstdc++ License

Note the Runtime Exception

MailBee.NET Objects

This application utilizes a licensed copy of AfterLogic Software, © 2002-2018, which is the property of AfterLogic Corporation, All rights are reserved by AfterLogic. Use of any objects outside of the context of this application is a violation of US and international copyright and other applicable laws. 

Microsoft Exchange Web Services Managed API (Microsoft.Exchange.WebService.dll) Commercial
Mousetrap 1.6.1 Apache 2.0 License
Ninject 2.0.0 Apache 2.0 License
ODBC library for Python (pypyodbc) 1.1.3 MIT License
OpenSSL 1.0.1j BSD-style Open Source licenses
Oracle's Java Runtime Environment 6 (JRE) 1.6.0_24-b07 Oracle License
Oracle's Java Runtime Environment 8 (JRE) 8u31 Oracle License
Oracle's Weblogic server libraries wlclient.jar and wljmxclient.jar. Oracle License
PCRE & PCRE.NET libraries PCRE 10.10/PCRE.NET 0.5 PCRE2 License
Pluralsight 1.1 None needed
Python 2.4.3 BSD License
Python OrderedDict Module 1.1 MIT License
Python Pexcept library 2.4 pexcept License
Python PySNMP library 4.3.1 ISC
Python SimpleJSON library 2.1.0 MIT License
Reinforced.Typings 1.3.0

MIT License

Sencha Ext JS 4.2 Commercial
SIGAR 1.6.4

Apache 2.0 License

SignalR C++ Client 2.0.0 Beta 2 Apache 2.0 License
SQLite Public Domain
Task Scheduler Managed Wrapper 2.2.0 MIT License
VMware vSphere Web Services SDK 4.1 Commercial
WebSocket++ 0.6 BSD
WeOnlyDo.Client.SSH (.NET) Commercial
websocket-sharp 1.0.2 MIT
WildFly 8.0.0 GNU LGPL 2.1
Source code available on request.
Library file: c:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\APM\jmxbridge\lib\jboss-cli-client.jar

This software also includes code and libraries included in the SolarWinds Orion Platform.

This software (including any additional pollers purchased) includes code and libraries from:

angular 1.3.15 MIT License
angular-gridster 0.13.5 MIT License
angular-ui 0.4.0 MIT License
angular-ui-router 0.2.13 MIT License
angular-translate 2.6.1 MIT License
angular-translate-handler-log 2.6.1 MIT License
angular-ui-utils 0.2.2 MIT License
angular-cookies 1.3.15 MIT License
angular-sanitize 1.3.15 MIT License
angular-promise-cache 0.0.11 MIT License
angular-mocks 1.3.15 MIT License
animate.css 3.2.0 MIT License
antlr 3.1 BSD License
antlr 3.4 BSD License
apache.log4net.extensions.logging MIT License

ARSoft.Tools.Net - C#/.Net DNS client/server, SPF and SenderID Library

2.2.9 Apache 2.0
ASAP 1.0 MIT License
ASP.NET SignalR 1.1.3 Apache 2.0 License
ASP.NET Web API 4 Apache 2.0 License
ASPNet.ScriptManager.jQuery 1.8 BSD License
AsyncFriendslyStackTrace 1.4.1 MIT License 9.1.0 BSD License
Autofac 3.5.2

MIT License

AutoFixture.AutoMoq 3.36.1 MIT License 
AutoFixture 3.36.1 MIT License
bootstrap 3.3.2 MIT License
BouncyCastle 1.7 MIT License
Castle.Core 3.0

Apache 2.0 License

CEF – Chromium Embedded Framework 43 BSD License 
CefSharp 43 BSD License
csharpewah commit 9ae9413 Apache 2.0
colResizable 1.3 MIT License
Crypto++ 5.6 Boost Software License 1.0
© 1995-2013 Wei Dai. All Rights Reserved. This copyright only applies to this software distribution package as a compilation and does not imply a copyright on any particular file in the package.
CsvHelper 2.16.3 Dual MS-PL and Apache 2.0 License
d3 3.5.5 MIT License
d3plus 1.7.3 MIT License
d3.geo.projection 0.2.15 MIT License
dagre 0.7.2 MIT License
dagre-d3 0.4.8 MIT License
Dapper 1.50.2 Apache License
DbUp MS Sql Server Support 4.0.0 MIT License
DotNetOpenAuth Microsoft Public License

MIT License

Elastic Search 1.3.2

Apache 2.0 License

ElasticSearch Jetty Plugin 1.4.4

Apache 2.0 License

Erlang OTP 18.1

Apache 2.0 License

FastMember 1.1.0 Apache 2.0 License
FluentAssertions 4.0.0 Apache 2.0 License
FluentValidation 6.0.2

Apache 2.0 License

FyftyOne 1.0.1 Mozilla Public License
Glimpse   Apache 2.0 License
Glob.cs 1.3.0

Apache 2.0 License

HTML Agility Pack 1.4 Microsoft Public License
Infragistics   Copyright ©1992-2006 Infragistics, Inc. All rights reserved.
Javascript Infovis Toolkit 2.0.1 Javascript Infovis Toolkit License
JetBrains ReSharper Annotations 10.4.0 MIT License
Jetty Web Server 8.1.17

Apache 2.0 License

JQuery 1.7.1 MIT License
JQuery 2.1.3 MIT License
JQuery Menu Aim 1.0 MIT License
JQuery sticky 1.0 MIT License
JQuery sticky 1.0.1 MIT License
JSON.Net (Newtonsoft.json) 4.5.11 MIT License
Katana 3.0.1 Apache 2.0 License 
lazyjs 0.4 MIT License
Leaflet.js 0.5.1 BSD License
Leaflet 0.7.3 MIT License
Leaflet.MarkerCluster 0.30

MIT License

libstdc++ 0.84 libstdc++ is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License with GCC Runtime Library Exception.
Source code available on request.
lodash 3.5.0 MIT License
Log4Net 1.2.10 Apache 2.0 License
makecert 6.1.7600 It is not legal to redistribute these files without an expressed, written
license from Microsoft.
Lori Pearce [MSFT]
Windows SDK Team
Microsoft ASP.NET Core 1.1.1 EULA
Microsoft CAPICOM Microsoft CAPICOM License
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Microsoft .NET Framework Redistributable EULA
Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Portions utilize Microsoft Windows Media Technologies.
(c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
Microsoft Anti-Cross Site Scripting Library 4.2 Microsoft Public License
Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable   Redistribution license agreement
Mini-Profiler 2 Apache 2.0 License
minizip   Commercial License
Moq 4.2.1507.0118 Apache 2.0 License
modernizr 2.8.3 MIT License
moment 2.9.0 MIT License
murmurhash3.js 2.1.2 MIT License
murmurhash-net   Apache 2.0 License
MVC Mini Profiler 2 Apache 2.0 License
Nancy 1.3.0 MIT License
Nancy.Bootstrappers.Autofac 1.3.0 MIT License 
Nancy.Hosting.Self 1.3.0 MIT License 
.NET library 4.3.0 Microsoft License
normalize.css 3.0.2 MIT License
Nhunspell 1.2 LGLP License 
NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) 2.46 ZLIB/LIBPING License
OpenSSL 1.0.1g BSD License
OWin 1 Apache 2.0 License
PAExec.exe 1.26 PAEXEC Software License
PhantomJS 1.9 BSD License
Polly 5.0.6 BSD License
RabbitMQ 1.1 Mozilla Public License
ReportUnit 1.5  MIT License 
Reshaper Command Line Tools 1.1 License Agreement for ReSharper Command Line Tools (custom license)
restangular 1.4.0 MIT License
RestSharp   Apache 2.0 License 
rickshaw 0.10.0 MIT License
Roslyn compiler 1.0 Apache 2.0 License
Rx.NET (Reactive Extensions) 2.2.5 Apache 2.0 License 
science.js 1.9.3 BSD License
Scintilla.Net 3.0.4 MIT License
SharpZipLib 0.84 GNU General Public License with Classpath Exception
Smart Thread Pool 2 Microsoft Public License
Spectrum 1.0.9 MIT License
StyleCop 4.7 Ms-PL
Swashbuckle.AspNetCore 1.0.0 BSD License
SystemWrapper.Interfaces MSP License
SystemWrapper.Wrappers MSP License
SQL Database Management Objects 2000.85.1054 SQLDMO.dll, SQLDMO.rll and Msvcr71.dll are redistributable
SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2 and 4.0 redistribution license agreement
TemporaryDb 1.0.9 MIT License
TinyloC 1.3.0

MIT License

toastr 2.1.0 MIT License
Tom Sawyer Graph Editor Toolkit 5.5 Graph Layout Toolkit and Graph Editor Toolkit © 1992-2001 Tom Sawyer Software, Oakland, California. All Rights Reserved.
topojson 1.6.19 MIT License
Transient Fault Handling Core 5.1.1209.1 MS-PL License 
TypeScript Compiler 1.4 Apache 2.0 License 
Underscore.js 1.3.3 MIT License
VMware vSphere Web Services SDK (Vim25Service.dll) 4.1+ SDK License
WiX 3.6 MS-RL License
WTL (Windows Template Library) 9.0 Common Public License
xunit 2.3.0 Apache License
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