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Create Custom Templates in SAM

Application monitor templates provide a powerful, customizable method to monitor applications in your environment. They help determine where errors occur: in the network or with the application. Every template includes component monitors that return metrics for monitoring performance, troubleshooting, threshold monitoring, and application health.

SAM comes with a set of out-of-the-box templates you can immediately assign to your application server nodes. For customized monitoring, create new templates using copies of OOTB templates, creating from scratch, and importing templates from THACK.

This guide includes:

You can also learn more about script monitors:

What is a template?

A template includes a collection of application and component monitors, configuration settings, and scripts to collect and report data for assigned applications and nodes.

The benefit of templates is the inheritance relationship allowing you to control monitoring configurations at different levels. You can assign specific application monitors to nodes for customized monitoring for only that application. Or you can use a template to assign a set of application monitors across multiple nodes.

  • If you make a change at the template level, the applications based on that template are affected.
  • If you make a change at the assigned application monitor level, only the individual application is affected.

Customize templates in SAM in one of the following ways:

  • Extend the out-of-the-box templates with new component monitors
  • Create new templates with customized settings and scripts
  • Import templates from THWACK created and posted by SAM customers

The following image details the association of templates and component monitors assigned to monitored nodes, reporting data to SAM accessible through the Orion Web Console.


Importing and exporting templates

SAM supports importing and exporting templates with the SolarWinds community THWACK. Customers and SolarWinds staff can create and share templates to provide additional monitoring options. When imported, you can further extend and configure component monitors to enhance monitoring features for the templates.

Examples of custom templates

The following links provide a few excellent custom templates:

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