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Manage templates and groups

Updated: 3-17-2017

You can assign templates and application monitors to groups, applied to all nodes within the group. Any node added to the group automatically has the templates and application monitors assigned as configured. Likewise, if you add a new template or application monitor to the group, all node members receive the new additions.

The group assignments have the following logic:

  • Added nodes receive the assigned templates and application monitors, regardless of template type. For example, if a template assigned to a group monitors a specific OS version such as Windows 2003, all group members regardless of the template receive it such as an OS node of Windows 2012.
  • If an OS specific template such as Windows is assigned to a group with Linux nodes, the template is assigned and reports a status of Unknown due to OS mismatch.
  • If a node added to the group already has the template assigned to it, no changes occur.
  • If a node is part of two groups with shared templates, the node only receives one copy of each assigned template and application monitors.
  • If you delete a group, the assigned templates may remain assigned depending on the Advanced section configuration. In the Auto Delete Application Monitor option, select Yes to remove the templates if the group is deleted or nodes are removed from the group.
  • You cannot assign credentials to a node and have all templates assigned to the group use those credentials. Credentials are not associated by group. You can select Inherit Credentials from Node when using WMI or an agent. The new application created from the template will use credentials from the node that is assigned to.

Assign an application to a template group

Assigning an application template to a group is more efficient than applying the template to individual nodes one at a time. Before you begin, a group must be created. To create a group, see Create groups.

Nested groups are not supported. AppInsight applications cannot be assigned to groups. Application assignment to a group happens in the background and can take some time to be created depending on the size of the application.

  1. On the web console, click Settings > All Settings > SAM Settings > Manage Templates > Application Monitor Templates.
  2. Select an application template and then click, Assign to Group.

  3. Select a group from the Available Groups column, click the green arrow, and then click Next.

    By default, the template is assigned to those nodes in the group that are running a server operating system. This can be changed in the Advanced section at the bottom of the page. When a node is removed from a group, the application is deleted from the node by default. You can override this by selecting No under the Advanced section.


  4. Select your credentials and then click, Assign Groups.
  5. Click Done.

Your application templates are now assigned to a group.

To view the applications within a group, in the web console, click My Dashboards > SAM Summary and then click a group in the Application Templates Assigned to Group resource.

You can create dynamic groups and assign templates to these groups. For example, a dynamic group can be created for all Windows computers and the Windows Update template can be applied to the nodes of the group dynamically.

Unassign application monitors from a template group

  1. On the web console, click Settings > All Settings > SAM Settings > Manage Templates > Application Monitor Templates.
  2. Select the application monitor you want to unassign from the group, and then click the link in the Assigned To column.
  3. On the Template Assignments page, click the Group tab and then click Unassign > Yes, Unassign.
  4. Click Close.
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