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Edit the AppInsight for IIS template

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Updated: 4-6-2017

The AppInsight for IIS application monitors metrics and status for IIS through the AppInsight for IIS template.

The template includes component monitors with default settings, some of which cannot be modified due to dependencies. For a majority of component monitors, you can modify only the notes and threshold settings for warning and critical levels.

  • The primary needs for editing the template is to set general configurations such as polling frequency, polling method, and thresholds for warning and critical states for monitored metrics.
  • You cannot add additional component monitors to the out-of-the-box template.
  • Some component monitors can be enabled and disabled, a few others include additional configuration options.

See the out-of-the-box template description for detailed information on each component monitor and the settings you can change.

Some limitations may apply. You may need to log in with an administrator account to perform this action.

  1. On the Web Console, click Settings > All Settings > SAM Settings > Manage Templates.
  2. Check the AppInsight for IIS template in the list and then click Edit.
  3. From here, you can edit certain component monitors within the template; including threshold values, number of records to retrieve, component monitor description, and so on.

  4. When done editing, click Submit at the bottom of the screen.

To begin gathering metrics, assign to IIS servers

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