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Manage cloud instance as a node

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Updated: 2-21-2017

With cloud monitoring configured, Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring monitors the instance using cloud service APIs. To convert the instance into a managed node, use the option from the Cloud Manage Instance Node resource on the Cloud Instance page. This option converts a monitored cloud instance into a managed node for additional metrics, assigning templates and application monitors,manage alerts, and access to additional Orion Platform features.

SAM and integrated VMAN enhance monitoring and polled metrics when you manage cloud instances as nodes. Managed nodes consume VMAN licensed sockets. Use Orion features to manage alerts, reports, and resources.

Managed nodes and application monitors consume SAM licenses. However, the mix of CloudWatch data, application data, and custom scripting give you the options to customize a cost-effective monitoring solution for your environment.

  • Assign component monitors, application monitors, and templates to applications on managed cloud instance nodes to always collect application metrics

    Application and OS data continues polling for managed nodes if CloudWatch APIs are disabled.

  • Return additional metrics not monitored by CloudWatch metrics, including memory, application, and OS data
  • Manage applications and OS as nodes per managed instances
  • Create groups with associated templates with custom scripting to expand polled metrics and support automation options

When managing a cloud instance, you need to select a specific polling method to associate the instance with the node:

  • Orion agent: can be used with or without a VPN.
  • WMI: requires the use a VPN that connects to an AWS VPC.
  • SNMP: requires the use a VPN that connects to an AWS VPC.

If you select External Node or Status Only (ICMP) when adding the node, the instance is not related to the node. Cloud metrics will not display in the Node Details page if the instance and node are not related.

These instructions start the process for managing the instance as a node. The Add a Node wizard opens to complete the process.

You must login with Administrator Orion account access to manage as node.

  1. In the Orion Web Console, select My Dashboards > Cloud.
  2. In the Cloud Summary page, click a cloud instance in the Cloud Instances Status Summary list.
  3. The Cloud Instance Details page opens displaying monitoring data for the instance.
  4. Locate and click the option for Manage Instance As Node.


  5. Select one public IP address and review the messages.

    A dialog opens with one or more public IP addresses for the instance.


  6. Click Yes, Manage this Node

    The Add a Node Wizard opens with information and options for the cloud instance. Complete the wizard to add the instance as a node. For information, see Add a single node for monitoring and deploying an Orion agent.

    For the polling method, select an Orion agent, WMI, or SNMP. If you select another option, the cloud instance and node will not be associated.

After polling begins, data received through CloudWatch API calls displays in the Orion Web Console and saves to the Orion SQL database. Polling for cloud data commences using the polling setting for the cloud account (default 5 minutes).

If you need to unmanage for maintenance, use the Unmanage option in the Management resource on the Instance Details page.

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