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Create an AppStack layout

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Updated: 3-9-2017

A Layout is a user-defined filter (view-limitation) with configured settings you can save and use when viewing the AppStack. You can tailor these layouts to view to specific objects of interest using a filter. A default layout is provided that contains all currently monitored objects visible in the AppStack Environment. You cannot modify the default layout. As you create and save layouts, you can load them through the Layout menu.

New layouts are created by:

  1. Create a filter by selecting options in the sidebar or selecting filter properties.
  2. Apply the filter to update the AppStack.
  3. Under the Layout menu, click Save As New Layout. Enter a name and save. The layout adds to the Layout menu.

You can modify the layout by making changes to the filter and clicking Save to update. If you want to save as a new layout, click Save as New Layout. To remove a layout, select the layout as currently used and select Delete this Layout.

For example, to create a Layout where only IIS objects in the AppStack Environment view are shown, add the IIS filter property. Apply the filter and save it as a new layout.


The layout is added to the Layout menu, allowing you to easily navigate to that layout with its defined filter and settings. The dot to the left of the layout in the menu indicates the layout currently used.


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