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Monitor with Orion agents in SAM

When using the Orion agent, SAM collects all data from application monitors for that server. SAM can deploy and consume collected data using Orion agents for Windows and Linux. For full details on Orion agents, see:

Overriding agent and agentless monitoring

You can override data collection behavior in specific instances per application monitor or template. You can configure an application or template to collect data through a preferred polling method as agent or agentless. For example, for the User Experience Monitor template you may not want to measure response time locally from the server where the application is installed. If this is the case, you can switch the application to poll without using an agent.


Communication type

Agent Communication can be deployed as either Active or Passive:

  • Agent initiated Communication (Active): The Agent initiates communication with the server on the default port of 17778 (this can be changed if needed). This port must be opened on the server firewall so the Agent can connect. No change to the Agent firewall is required.
    For more information, see:
  • Orion Server initiated Communication (Passive): The Agent waits for requests from the server on the default port of 17790 (this can be changed if needed). This port must be opened on the Agent computer's firewall so the server can connect. No change to the server firewall is required.

Templates and component monitors

Application templates provide collections of application monitors with configurable settings to collect and monitor data for Orion managed nodes. These templates include a variety of options based on operating systems, applications, and services.

For details, prerequisites, and configuration requirements for application templates and monitors, see SAM Component Monitor Types and SAM Template Reference. To use component monitors in Linux environments with the Orion agent for Linux, you need complete additional configurations. This information is added to the component monitors and available in this section.

The following component monitors supported for Orion Agent for Windows:

  • Process Monitor - Windows
  • DNS Monitor - TCP
  • DNS Monitor - UDP
  • Exchange Web Services User Experience Monitor
  • HTTP Monitor
  • Performance Counter Monitor
  • SMTP Monitor
  • TCP Port Monitor
  • ODBC User Experience Monitor
  • Oracle User Experience Monitor
  • Windows Event Log Monitor
  • Windows PowerShell Monitor
  • Windows Service Monitor
  • WMI Monitor

The following component monitors are supported for Orion Agent for Linux:

  • Process Monitor
  • Linux/Unix Script Monitor
  • Nagios Script Monitor
  • JMX Monitor
  • SNMP Monitor
  • ODBC User Experience Monitor
  • Oracle User Experience Monitor
  • TCP Port Monitor
  • TomCat Server Monitor


The following reports are installed for use with the Orion Agent:

  • Agent Inventory
  • Agent Plugin Version
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