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Current hardware health status in SAM in SAM

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Updated: 3-9-2017

The current status of your hardware's health can be determined by the Current Hardware Health grouping, as shown below. The status for most items will read OK, Warning, or Critical, depending upon the set threshold values and the returned values. The icon colors for each item will change between green, yellow, and red, respectively. Gray icons indicate a status of Unknown, which suggests a polling failure.

You can click on the [+] and [-] icons to expand and collapse a particular tree branch of hardware that is being monitored. When collapsed, the top level view (or roll-up status) of each hardware item will display the worst status of an item in that branch.


The default temperature measurement is in degrees, Fahrenheit (F). To change this to Celsius (C), On the Web Console, click Settings > Manage Accounts > Select Account > Edit. The Temperature Unit drop down menu can be found under the Server & Application Monitor Settings category.

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