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Upgrade and Migrate SAM

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Updated June 15, 2018

For upgrade information, use the SAM Upgrade Guide. For environments with multiple SolarWinds modules, see Upgrade Multiple SolarWinds Products. Learn how to upgrade like the geeks with preparation lists, gotchas, changed requirements, instruction checklists, and troubleshooting.


The SolarWinds Migration Guide includes preparation, checklists, instructions, and troubleshooting for migrations.


Watch these SolarWinds Lab Bits to learn more:


Always back up your database prior to making any changes. If you'd like to use SolarWinds Backup, click here. You can try it out for free! 


If you experience issues and are not on the latest product versions, we recommend completing a full upgrade. Use the Product Upgrade Advisor to create the upgrade path. Many of these updates solve issues you may experience part way through your upgrade.

Check the SolarWinds Success Center for troubleshooting information. We recommend searching the name of the product, the version number, any error codes or messages displayed, and the general issue you found.

If an issue occurs you need additional help with, contact Support. We recommend gathering logs and diagnostics, a screenshot of the issue, and any error codes you receive. Attach and add this information to your ticket. You may also want to gather additional diagnostics on your Additional Polling Engines (APEs) and Additional Web Servers (AWS).

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