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SAM 6.7.1 Administrator Guide

Updated December 12, 2018

This guide provides an overview of product features and related technologies for SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) 6.7.1, as well as best practices and troubleshooting information for common situations. Browse through the links and information below to learn about device discovery, AppStack, AppInsight, monitoring within your environment, and more.

Installing and getting started 

To install SAM in either a production or evaluation environment, use the SolarWinds Orion Installer and then review the SAM Getting Started Guide.

Want more information? 

+ Introduction to SAM

Information to help you get started with SAM.

+ Discover and add network devices

How to discover and add servers and applications to SAM.

+ Discover applications in your environment

How to discover applications and assign application monitors.

+ Monitor your network

How to view events, Performance Analysis dashboards, and agents.

+ Monitor cloud instances and VMs

How to retrieve data from the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure cloud service platforms to track availability, performance, applications, and more for cloud instances and VMs.

+ Monitor application dependencies (new in 6.6)

Information to help you expand monitoring to see how applications and nodes interact with each other.

+ Manage processes, services, tasks, and events in real time

Monitor real-time events, including creating component monitors for events and handling Windows tasks for monitored servers.

+ Monitor your environment with AppStack

How to access and customize the Application Stack to view your environment.

+ AppInsight for Exchange

Monitor your Exchange environment including mailbox, database, and performance counter metrics. 

+ AppInsight for IIS

Identify IIS Server, Website, and Application Pool performance issues. 

+ AppInsight for SQL

Identify performance and troubleshoot issues for SQL databases and queries with AppInsight for SQL.

+ Manage application monitor templates and component monitors

How to create and configure Application Monitor templates for customized monitoring.

+ Use alerts to monitor your environment

Create alerts for any monitored object, including volumes and nodes.

+ Manage reports in the Orion Web Console

Use predefined reports as soon as there is data to be reported on. 

+ Manage the Orion Web Console

Customize the Orion Web Console to update polling settings and thresholds, store custom views as user profiles, and more.



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