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SAM 6.7 feature: Integration with SolarWinds APM

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Updated September 19, 2018

Starting with SAM 6.7, you can integrate SAM with SolarWinds Application Performance Monitor (APM), a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-delivered product that extends the application monitoring capabilities of SAM. It delivers advanced performance metrics for IIS-based, .NET applications to the SolarWinds SAM experience.




You can use SolarWinds APM to cross-reference application, server, and infrastructure metrics side-by-side in the same dashboard, and trace requests through your entire application and infrastructure. APM also includes heat maps to isolate outliers and trends, which you can use to drill down to traces for root cause.

Adding this extra layer of information to SAM enables you to:

  • Gain a code-level look into your AppInsight for IIS applications.
  • Monitor the performance of custom IIS-based, .NET applications.
  • Check the status of application stacks and see how tiers of applications communicate with each other.
  • Determine the databases and users that applications send information to.
  • Identify if issues are network-, server-, or application-related so you can route details to the right team.




To learn more, see these resources:


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